After seeing a picture of myself coaching my daughter at a soccer tournament in May 2012, I was disgusted w/what I had become. What example was I setting for her? I made a life decision that enough was enough and June 13th, 2012 I went and bought a bike. I couldn't bike a mile without being out of breath, but I kept doing it everyday and changed my eating habits. By the end of the summer I started to see some progress going further each day, but when the weather started to change, I had to try something else as well. I tried a personal trainer but I didn't like the 1:1 setting as I thought it was too boring and thought I would like a group setting better so I joined the boot camp at Superkicks in September 2012. I faithfully stuck w/that and by February 2013, I was down over 100 pounds! When we were informed that boot camp was going to end and that this thing called CrossFit Olentangy was going to take it over, I was skeptical at first and upset that the routine that I had being doing and worked for me was going to change. But I decided to give it a try and boy did I find out right away that while what I was doing helped in losing weight, it did not necessarily made me as fit as I would have liked. I mean how fit can a person who just lost 100 pounds be? Well, while being an original member of the 5:30am CFO class and now the 5am class, I feel I continue to make progress everyday even a year later. I have kept the weight off and while I still have a long long way to go w/my mobility, every day is truly better than yesterday (yes I stole that from Donald Brogan). But what truly has kept me going through the frustrations of not being able to do a double under or struggling with anything overhead has been the great people that have cheered, encouraged and pushed me to do things I never thought I would be able to do

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